2013 Race

Post Race Results


Thank you for supporting The Great Gator 5k and Swift Creek Elementary School! The race was a huge success. We were thrilled with the fabulous turnout for the race, as well as the positive feedback we got from so many of you. It was a great day to celebrate fitness and have fun as a school and a community.

This was the Great Gator’s second year, and our runners almost doubled from last year. With 500 participants we generated over $10,000 in profit for our school! This money goes directly to classroom technology, and will assist the education of students for years to come. Each of you made this possible, and we truly thank you. We also need to thank our generous sponsors who contributed to this event. You can visit our Sponsor page for links to these businesses.

The 5k finish times are available to view on our website here: 2013 Great Gator 5k Finish Times

We have put together a slideshow highlighting some of our favorite moments from the day. Be sure and check it out here!

We look forward to seeing you in April 2014 for next year’s race!


2013 Gator 5K Pictures (No registration is needed, just enter your email so I know who sent the pictures.)


Race Finish Times are in!

*Click here to see them*